Thoroughly servicing your Alfa Romeo on a regular basis is the very best thing you can do for your Alfa. Not only does it save you money in the long term, it also keeps the residual value of the vehicle at its best. Most importantly however it also keeps your car driving the way Alfa Romeo intended.

Servicing your new Alfa Romeo with us still keeps it within its manufacturers warranty as we use only Alfa Romeo parts. Furthermore we go way above and beyond Alfa Romeo's own servicing schedule. Every single price we quote includes VAT and labour, so there are no hidden costs.

With a fixed price servicing menu and every single price quoted including VAT and Labour, you know exactly what your service will cost you, there are no hidden extras. In the event of extra work being required, we will always do our very best to contact you first, and offer you a competitive price. By being open and honest in this way, our customers avoid any nasty surprises; we have found that’s a big part of what keeps them coming back.

Autolsso Penrith offer two types or servicing schedules for your Alfa Romeo. First is the standard option which is identical to the main dealer service plan, but a lot cheaper. We believe this to be the bare minimum to keep your Alfa Romeo on the road and within its manufacturer’s warranty. However, experience has proven that this is not a long term solution for the proper maintenance of your Alfa Romeo. Click here to see comparison table between standard and platinum servicing.

We therefore also offer our second, platinum servicing schedule. This goes way above and beyond Alfa Romeos Main Dealer Service Schedule and is still cheaper than their standard service. We carry all our work to the highest standard possible going that bit further to make sure your Alfa is in top condition. Our detailed service plan is shown below; we carry out all of this work on every single platinum service.

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replaced
  • Sump washer replaced
  • Air filter replaced
  • Fuel filter replaced (Diesel)
  • Pollen filter replaced
  • Air conditioning system check
  • Gearbox oil level check
  • Engine diagnostic check
  • ABS diagnostic check
  • Airbag diagnostic check and reset if required
  • Selespeed diagnostic check (selespeeds only)
  • Selespeed fluid level and leak check (selespeeds only)
  • Coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid check
  • All doors, bonnet and boot hinges lubricated
  • Full vehicle safety check (includes all suspension parts, suspension bushes, brakes, lights, wipers etc)
  • Service light reset
  • Service book stamped
  • Written vehicle report with all advisories including any diagnostic errors explained

We use the latest diagnostic equipment and only original parts are used and it will keep your Alfa Romeo within its manufactures warranty if applicable. We offer a complete care package for your Alfa. We carry out MOT's too and we also offer a national collection and delivery service at extremely competitive prices.

We are also happy to show our customers around their car while it's on the ramp to explain any individually advised parts that may need replacement or future replacement. Or we can even show you around your car if you are just interested!